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I was tired, frustrated and miserable. I wanted to die. I was in pain and taking medication that made me feel like a zombie and stopped all social activity, including church and shopping, because going out made me agitated by everyone and everything. I became a recluse. Over the last 15 years I'd suffered from migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, carpel tunnel, chronic constipation, gastric reflux disease, TMJ and facial pain, allergies, anxiety attacks and severe depression. It wasn't that I didn't want to feel better, I'd seen lots of doctors over the years, taken thousands of pills and had multiple surgeries to get some relief, but year after year it was getting worse. After getting a recommendation from a friend, I reluctantly went to see Dr. Neeley, a chiropractor - I didn't really need a chiropractor twisting and pounding my fragile body, but to my surprise his methods are so gentle and the procedures yield fantastic results. Today I have more strength, energy and vitality than I had in my forties. I am no longer suffering from my chronic conditions. It has been a miracle for me to get my life back so easily and quickly.
Janie P.
I’m in my 20’s, most people think that’s the time of peak health and fitness, however, I suffered from aching joints and muscles in my legs. My ankles and feet were particularly painful Not only that, but I had severe and frequent migraines that would knock me off my feet, and I couldn't move from bed. The pain was blinding and even slight movement would make the pain worse. It seemed that I could take doses and doses of medications and it wouldn't do much good. This was affecting me everyday as I was constantly tired and exhausted from the migraines. Even if I didn't have one at the time, they would “wipe me out” for a few days before and a few days after too, and they were so frequent that I don’t ever seem to have a day off from them. I was living close to Dr Neeley’s office and one day as I was driving past, I just decided to call in and see if he could help me at all. As soon as I started treatment, my headaches almost instantly stopped and I felt much stronger in my legs, I could feel the difference in the way I walked after every single adjustment the Doctor made. Now my frequent migraines have stopped, and perhaps I get 3-4 a year, which is a huge improvement. I have not experienced any of the aching I used to have in my legs. My health has improved so much from getting chiropractic treatment with Dr Neeley.
Troy B.
In my early 40's, I started to suffer with severe osteoarthritis in both my knees, walking gave me constant pain, bones grinding on bones, meant that i was constantly tired, weak and discouraged. I suffered from this complaint for over 5 years. My health care providers gave me cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories to help with the pain, and suggested that I needed both knees replaced, a very dramatic solution for someone of my age. I found Dr Neeley through a work colleague of my husband’s and when I called his office, I found that his assistant had also suffered with her knees and she was very encouraging about the Doc and chiropractic treatment as a solution to my complaint. I started my treatment with him during August ’06. As soon as treatment started, my knees felt much stronger and now, although I still face knee replacements eventually, I am able walk, sit and stand better than before. I function much better with far less pain, without the cortisone shots or the same anti-inflammatories. Chiropractic treatment bought me extra time before surgery, and has improved the quality of my life. I no longer have the intense daily pain I suffered with for 5 years before I started my treatment with Dr Neeley.
Peggy E.
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